Bluegrass Unlimited Profiles Hit Song Co-Written by PineCone’s Lynda Dawson

“The Barber’s Fiddle” is profiled in the January 2024 issue of Bluegrass Unlimited. The two-page “Story Behind the Song” feature explores how Becky Buller and Lynda Dawson turned the story of a working man’s love for his fiddle into a tight, catchy bluegrass song.

The rollicking song won the Collaborative Recording of the Year Award at the 2020 IBMA Bluegrass Music Awards. A few months later the song that was co-written by Becky Buller and PineCone’s Lynda Dawson hit number one on the Bluegrass Unlimited National Survey Airplay Chart.

“Becky came here to the old farmhouse that we had at the time,” said Dawson in the article. “We had the house to ourselves for the day and we went into songwriter creative land together.”

Bluegrass Unlimited calls “The Barber’s Fiddle” “…a signature story song for Buller and the Becky Buller Band.” The issue with the feature landed in fans’ mailboxes just before Christmas. You can subscribe to Bluegrass Unlimited here.