Music brings people together, and PineCone is committed to making our concerts and programs welcoming and accessible to all people, and to eliminate barriers to participation related to aging and disabilities. In-person or online, we will work with you to remove barriers to participation and to ensure that you have an enjoyable, meaningful experience.

Many of our programs are free to attend or pay-what-you-can/suggested donation. Your questions, concerns, and suggestions can help us ensure that you will have the best experience possible at our events. PineCone does not own a venue; instead, our programs take place in a variety of venues in and around Raleigh. 

Event-specific accessibility information is available on the event pages within this website, and general accessibility information about the venues where we regularly offer programs is also available on this website under venues. 

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Additional questions

If you have additional questions, comments or would like to join the general conversation about accessibility in the arts, please contact us. You can speak with David Brower or Tray Wellington by calling PineCone at 919-664-8333 or by e-mail: or

The earlier you can alert us to your access needs, the easier it will be to facilitate. Some services require as much as a month to arrange. However we fully understand that last minute needs may come up. Please ask regardless of the timing and we will do everything we can to accommodate your needs.

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Website — PineCone Accessibility Statement

We have tested the PineCone website with assistive technologies, including screen reading and magnification software.

IBMA 2022

How to Request an Accommodation
for a PineCone Program


Accessible seating is available for you and your companions for any PineCone event with reserved seating (Down Home Concerts at the Martin Marietta Center for the Performing Arts; IBMA Bluegrass Live! powered by PNC at Red Hat Amphitheater).

When you reserve your tickets by phone (PineCone Box Office: 919-664-8333), you can speak directly with a PineCone staff member to request accommodations.  

When you reserve your tickets online (via for our Down Home Concerts), you will have the option to select accessible seats, and you will be prompted to confirm that you need the features of the seats you have selected. Please note that online orders are subject to Ticketmaster's per ticket fees.

When you reserve your tickets in person (at the Martin Marietta Center box office, located in front of the building at 2 E South St), you can speak directly with a Martin Marietta Center staff member to request accommodations.

Please note that ticket orders cannot be processed by e-mail. Tickets must be purchased online, by phone, or in person.


Youth Programs

PineCone supports access to programs for participants with disabilities by offering reasonable and appropriate resources. Resources may include, but are not limited to: supportive/adaptive materials, program/site specific accommodations, and/or additional staff support. If you or your young musician needs an accommodation to help them participate fully in camps or other programs, you will be able to indicate that information when you register for the program. If you would like to discuss any specific requests or concerns, please call David or Tray at 919-664-8333, or you can contact them via e-mail: or