Diali Cissokho & Austin McCall

The music of Senegal and Saxapahaw come together for one night only in Wake Forest: Diali Cissokho and Austin McCall bring you music to dance to this summer! A renowned korist and percussionist from Senegal, Diali Cissokho moved to the U.S. after years of performing and teaching in Senegal and in Europe. Born into a rich ancestry of Manding griots (the musician caste), Diali has been playing traditional West African music for as long as he can remember.

Left: Diali Cissokho outdoors, playing kora, a 21-string West African instrument; he is looking down at the instrument in front of him as he plays. Right: Austin McCall playing a drum set outdoors while looking up; his long, curly hair is loose and flowing.

Jonathan Byrd & the Pickup Cowboy

Jonathan Byrd and The Pickup Cowboy are musical gunslingers, vaudevillian hucksters, and old-fashioned tent revivalists. And earlier this year, they were part of the Merlefest on the Road tour. Between heartbreaking ballads and high-energy sing-alongs, the Cowboys entertain and get audiences involved in the show. Byrd is a seventh generation North Carolinian, a preacher's son, a Gulf War veteran, and an award-winning songwriter known for literary, outsider songs that have become campfire favorites.

Jonathan Byrd stands with his legs in a wide stance, holding his guitar in playing position and gazing into the distance, wearing a reddish, long sleeve shirt, dark khaki pants, boots, and a wide brimmed hat. To his right, Johnny Waken is in jumping, legs tucked, back to Byrd, holding an electric guitar in playing position. Waken wears a newsboy-style hat, a light green long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, blue jeans, and boots. Both men have facial hair.

Piney Woods Boys

The Piney Woods Boys share the music of Doc Watson in this special Labor Day weekend concert! To many, Doc Watson was the incarnation of Southern traditional music. His family’s musical traditions stretch back to British ballads and forward to bluegrass and beyond.  Some of the beloved songs in Doc’s repertoire were learned from the 78 rpm recordings of string band and blues musicians who were wildly popular in the South during the early 20th century. The Piney Woods Boys draw from the golden age of music that inspired Doc’s playing.

Piney Woods Boys promotional photo, from left to right: Margaret Martin (with guitar), Matt Haney (with fiddle), Wayne Martin (with guitar), and Jim Collier (with banjo). Trees and part of a building are visible in the background.

The Railsplitters with special guests Fireside Collective

Just in time to get you warmed up for this year's PNC presents Wide Open Bluegrass, two of this year's official IBMA Bluegrass Ramble showcase bands will close out this year's Midtown Bluegrass Series. Get a sneak preview of what's in store this year with Colorado-based band The Railsplitters (4:30-6 pm) and North Carolina's own Fireside Collective (3-4 pm).

Promotional photo of The Railsplitters: Band members (two women and three men) stand on a wooden auditorium stage holding their respective instruments (Lauren Stovall - guitar; Joe D'Esposito - fiddle; Peter Sharpe - mandolin; Dusty Rider - banjo; Leslie Ziegler - bass) . Lights are on in the background.
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