Charlie Jackson Tribute in the Works


"Papa Charlie" Jackson was one of the very first solo blues artists to record and the first to become famous. He recorded more than 70 "sides" for Paramount Records between 1924 and 1936 and was one of Paramount's biggest stars at the time. Papa Charlie recorded some wonderful material.

Yet unlike early blues artists such as Robert Johnson, Leadbelly and Big Bill Broonzy (who took guitar lessons from Jackson), few people have heard of Papa Charlie --including most lovers of blues and American folk music. In the 90 years since Jackson did his first recordings, there has not been a single tribute disc made for him, nor has anyone put out even a selected collection of his songs. Papa Charlie exists today almost exclusively in the pages of history books on early blues and jazz.

So, as an admirer and performer of Papa Charlie's music, Chapel Hill-based Cary Moskovitz has gathered together a group of wonderful musicians to help make a tribute CD, and he's lined up an excellent recording studio and engineer. As he has been working on putting this project together, he has found a couple of other admirers of Papa Charlie. Gary Atkinson, who runs Document Records, is one of them, and Moskovitz has worked out a deal with him to put out this recording on Document. They have agreed to make it a two-disc set--one disc with the tribute recordings and a second disc with the Papa Charlie originals, which Document will remaster to improve the sound quality.

Now, Moskovitz is raising the funds to pay for recording and putting the artwork together through Kickstarter. If you're a lover of the blues or early 20th century American folk music more broadly, please check out the project by clicking this link and consider helping us produce this first-ever tribute album for Papa Charlie Jackson. If you know others who might be interested, please share this note with them too.

Note: The time to raise the funds has a fixed cut-off, so please take a look soon!


Cary Moskovitz