NC Admissions Tax to Impact Wide Open Bluegrass Tickets


The North Carolina General Assembly passed a new law affecting the tax on admissions to a wide range of events--movies, sporting events, concerts, etc--beginning in 2014. This tax will show up when you check-out to buy your Wide Open Bluegrass tickets, as well as your tickets to future ticketed PineCone events (2014-2015 Down Home Concerts). In past years, PineCone, a nonprofit organization, has not been subject to taxes on our tickets; our status as a non-profit organization has not changed, and we unfortunately cannot afford to absorb this new fee and must pass along the increased tax to attendees. The new rate is 6.75% on tickets in Wake County, and you can read more about it in The News & Observer.

Effective January 1, 2014, sales tax of 6.75% will be added to ticket purchases for ticketed PineCone concerts happening in Wake County (including future Down Home Concerts in Raleigh). This tax was NOT applied to ticketed events that happened in the first half of 2014 because tickets were already on sale before the law went into effect. This sales tax will apply to all of PineCone's future ticketed events, as well as this year's Wide Open Bluegrass Festival.

In addition, PineCone in Durham concerts will be subject to a 7.5% sales tax, and tickets to PineCone concerts at the Carolina Theatre in Durham will no longer be sold via PineCone's box office.

This is part of the Tax Reform legislation passed by the North Carolina General Assembly this past year which broadened the base of services to which sales tax would be applied, including admissions to 'live entertainment' - concerts, movies, sporting events, etc - beginning in 2014.

Non-profit organizations like PineCone and IBMA are now required to collect and remit sales tax on tickets to performances which go on sale on or after January 1, 2014. Performances which first went on sale in 2013 will not be taxed, even if the performance is in 2014. This tax will show up when you check-out to buy your tickets.

With this new tax, purchasing tickets online may also look different. For events which are taxable, the price you will see online includes the 6.75% sales tax. For example, a $30 ticket to a taxable event will show up online as a $32.03 ticket ($30 plus 6.75% sales tax).

Please bear with us as we work through the sales tax complexities in this transition year.