PineCone Co-Sponsors Hopscotch Day Party


Hopscotch's Afternoon Delight, co-sponsored by PineCone, will be filling Hargett Street with music outside the Raleigh Times Bar from 12 noon - 5 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 7 afternoon - with Mandolin Orange, Doug Paisley, Lowland Hum, and cousins.

Mandolin Orange: North Carolina duo Mandolin Orange has had a banner year: they were signed to local label Yep Roc Records and released a new CD, This Side of Jordan, to rave reviews and a sold-out Cat's Cradle in August. And last year, they were named the Independent Weekly's Best Roots/Country Band of the Year (a title they shared with local favorites Chatham County Line).

In regards to "House of Stone," the lead track on This Side of Jordan, CMT Edge classified the song as a "fire and brimstone lullabye."
Rosanne Cash, with whom the duo has shared billing, wrote of the band's 2011 release, Haste Make / Hard Hearted Stranger: "Love it...It has the plainspoken, mournful power of bluegrass and the elegance and intricacy of American classical, like Copland or Barber. Fantastic record."
Marlin's rural upbringing and Frantz's roots in bluegrass fiddle and harmony serve as the basis for the duo's more explorative style.
If you like what you hear at Hopscotch, make sure to come check Mandolin Orange's special Fletcher Theater show in Raleigh in January! Visit Mandolin Orange's website

Doug Paisley: Toronto-based singer-songwriter Doug Paisley, whose music is frequently compared to artists like Neil Young and The Band, discovered Americana as a kid through the music of Bob Dylan (after the motorcycle crash), George Jones, Don Williams, and the Stanley Brothers. "Sometimes you can hear that haunted Ralph Stanley tremble in his singing, and the sparse production of Dylan records like New Morning has remained a touchstone," writes David Klein.

Rolling Stone hailed Paisley's 2010 release, Constant Companion, "one of 2010's best singer-songwriter albums." Visit Doug Paisley's website

Lowland Hum: Lowland Hum is the multisensory artistic collaboration of Daniel and Lauren Goans. What began as North Carolina folk music has evolved into so much more. Though folk music is their primary medium, they have seamlessly added visual art, print and even smells to create an entirely new live music experience. In a day when interruptions, distractions and fragmentation are pervasive, Lowland Hum aims to address listening audiences as whole people, engaging their senses of sight, sound, smell, and touch, and inviting them to be present with one another for an evening. In order to accommodate the different ways people process information, the duo incorporates visual elements that frame the performance area, hand-bound lyric books and essential oil burners. Today, Daniel and Lauren travel the country together, writing, singing, and sharing their music and art in people's homes and in other creative venues. They are committed to cultivating a communal experience in their performances. Visit Lowland Hum's website

Cousins: Cousins is bare-bones garage-rock power group. Formed in 2009 by Aaron Mangle, the shape shifting group features Leigh Dotey and Pat Ryan who help manifest a quirky vision of sweet n' heavy raucous pop music in a live show that is both poetic and violent. They tip toe between melody and anarchy, creating sounds startling and loving.A279;

Additional co-sponsors include: Pabst Blue Ribbon, Yep Roc, Airtype, Republic Wireless, Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, Cat Banjo, Dear Hearts, and Freaker.

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