Shape Note Singers to Perform During SPARKcon


Shape Note Singing workshop with leader Tim EriksenAmong the array of events planned for the 10th Annual SPARKcon in downtown Raleigh, scheduled for Sept. 17-20 this year, the Shape Note Singers will sing on Saturday, Sept. 19 beginning at 1 p.m. in the City of Raleigh Museum's exhibit gallery. Sacred Harp singing is the largest surviving branch of traditional American shape note singing. Singers in this tradition sing without accompaniment and sit arranged by vocal part in a "hollow square," facing one another across the square and taking turns at leading from the middle of the square. The songs are sung loudly, with spirit and enthusiasm, and rich four-part harmonies fill the room. The leader of each song sets the tempo with a simple vertical arm movement, and singers sitting in the square often beat time with the leader. Learn more about the Triangle's Shape Note Singers

One of last year's NC Heritage Award recipients, Sid Luck, a fifth generation NC potter, will also participate in the day's events with pottery wheel demonstrations, including opportunities for visitors to try their hand at a pottery wheel! 

There will be other living history demonstrations and musical performances throughout the day as well, including demonstrations of weaving and lace-tatting, a technique dating back to the early 19th century of crafting lace with knots and loops. Visitors will get the opportunity to weave on a table loom or try their hand at spinning. Kids and visitors of all ages can participate in games and crafts from the 1800s.

The City of Raleigh Museum is billing their Sept. 19 programs as HistorySPARK, and you can read more about the day's schedule on the SPARKcon website.

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