The Singing Stream is Now Available on DVD


Movie poster: portrait of Bertha Landis; Text on poster: The Singing Stream Series - The Life and Legacy of Mrs. Bertha Landis from Creedmoor, North Carolina; 100 years of an American family told through songs, stories, and scenes from daily life. Directed by Tom Davenport and produced with the Landis family grandchildren with grants from the National Endowment for the Arts. Davenport Films, 11324 Pearlstone Lane, Delaplane, Virginia, 20144;, 540-592-3701In conjunction with Black History Month, Folkstreams and the Landis family--whose roots in Creedmoor, NC, go back more than 100 years--have completed the release of A Singing Stream: Reunion, sequel to the award winning documentary A Singing Stream: A Black Family Chronicle. Together, this unique pair of films shows 100 years of African American History told through songs, stories, and scenes of the family’s daily life. These are the only films ever to document a single African American family and to tell their story in their own words.

Both films are now available as a DVD set, celebrating the life and legacy of Mrs. Bertha Landis, the matriarch of the Landis family of Creedmoor, NC. Libraries, schools, museums, and other institutions can purchase the pair of films directly from Davenport Films for $49.95, which includes public performance rights. Purchase the Singing Stream series on DVD

Anyone interested in purchasing a copy of the DVD set for private home use should contact Tom Davenport via e-mail, or by phone at 540-592-3701.

Last year, a successful Kickstarter campaign helped fund the completion of the sequel, in addition to providing filmmakers with the resources to transfer the original film from 16-mm film to a state-of-the-art HD2K file suitable for broadcast with today’s technology.

At the invitation of Bertha Landis’s grandchildren, filmmaker Tom Davenport returned to North Carolina 30 years after making the original film to work with the family to tell the next chapter of their story. This unusual collaboration led to the creation of A Singing Stream: Reunion, which takes up the Landis family’s story after Mrs. Landis’ death in 2000 at 102 years old.

The new film was made with the support of the National Endowment for the Arts, with grants to Raleigh-based non-profit PineCone (Piedmont Council of Traditional Music) in partnership with Virginia-based non-profit Folkstreams. Davenport was helped and advised by Bertha's grandchildren Iverson Landis, Kenneth Daniel, Dennis Daniel, and Efrem Daniel, as well as other Landis family members. Davenport’s old friends and mentors, Barry Dornfeld and folklorists Daniel and Beverly Patterson, also helped with the project.

A Singing Stream: Reunion, sequel to the critically acclaimed 1985 film A Singing Stream: A Black Family Chronicle, debuted in 2014 at the Landis family’s 80th reunion in Durham, and now the producers – family members with help from North Carolina-based non-profit PineCone (Piedmont Council of Traditional Music) and Virginia-based non-profit Folkstreams – are looking to share their story with a wider audience.

Watch the trailer for A Singing Stream: Reunion