Logie Meachum

Blues singer Lorenzo “Logie” Meachum is a storyteller, an educator, a lifelong learner, and a native of Greensboro. He grew up listening to soul music at his family’s juke joint and eventually began playing himself. During the early '80s, Meachum and some of his friends created what is now know as The Piedmont Blues Preservation Society. Meachum particularly enjoys performing for children. He has earned an O.

Blues musician Logie Meachum stands at a microphone, right hand up to his right ear; another musicians is partly visible behind him. Meachum wears a hat, dark glasses, a sport jacket, t-shirt, and jeans.

PineCone Bluegrass Jam

Please note the date! Since the fourth Monday of December falls on Christmas, the December PineCone Bluegrass Jam will take place on the third Monday of the month (Dec. 18, 2017). Join in with friends old and new at IMURJ in downtown Raleigh! This jam welcomes all musicians looking for opportunities to play bluegrass music and all fans who want to listen and share in the camaraderie.

Some musicians gathered in a circle at the PineCone Bluegrass Jam at Imurj in May 2017. Fiddle players, guitar players, a dobro player, mandolin players, and upright bass player share a tune.

PineCone Bluegrass/Americana/Old Time Jam

PineCone is teaming up with The Blue Note Grill to host a monthly bluegrass/Americana/old time jam in Durham! The Piedmont region of North Carolina has a vibrant and varied music scene, which the combined bluegrass/old time/Americana jam taps into. This jam will meet on the third Saturday of every month. There is plenty of space in case musicians want to break out into different groups over the course of the afternoon. We hope that this combined jam will also provide opportunities for musicians to learn about and explore the similarities between these overlapping styles.

Musicians gathered in a circle at The Blue Note Grill; most seated, but three area standing: a man playing bass, a woman playing fiddle, and a man playing guitar. The Blue Note Grill banner is on the wall behind the musicians.

PineCone Beginners Bluegrass Jam

It's the final Beginners Bluegrass Jam of 2017!

Men and women of varying ages sit in a large circle on chairs or stools; Jef Walter stands with his bass. Two walls of guitars are visible behind the musicians, and there's a worn rug in the middle of the circle that the participants are seated around. Photo credit: Spencer Mobley

Eliza Meyer

Eliza Meyer is an "old soul," singing and playing traditional string band, old time and early bluegrass music reminiscent of Hazel and Alice, The Carter Family, and Tommy Jarrell. Influenced by traditional ballads of Madison County and the round peak music of Surry County, she plays fiddle, banjo, guitar, and autoharp. Meyer currently studies with Dewey Brown and has taken classes with Alice Gerrard, Eddie Bond, Erynn Marshall and Sheila Kay Adams.

Eliza Meyer, a young woman with shoulder-length brown hair, plays a banjo seated in front of a microphone. Her head is tilted up and her eyes are closed; a Wide Open Bluegrass banner is partially visible in the background.

Rip the Calico

Rip the Calico is a high-energy contra dance band from North Carolina. Drawing heavily from Celtic influences (and origins), the Calicos will take you on a dance journey from dulcet circlings to mad romps across the dance floor. The band features Alison Arnold (Irish flute, Irish and Scottish whistles); Gordon Arnold (cello, guitar, banjo); Mairead Brady (fiddle); and Tyler Johnson (tenor banjo, guitar, mandolin). Celebrate Scottish and Irish culture and their contributions to North Carolina music at the NC Museum of History with Rip the Calico!

Rip the Calico: Alison Arnold on whistle; Mairead Brady on fiddle; Tyler Johnson wearing a kilt and playing mandolin; Gordon Arnold, sitting and playing cello.

2018 North Carolina Heritage Award Recipients Announced

Six traditional artists from across the state will receive North Carolina Heritage Awards on May 23, 2018 for their contributions to our state’s cultural vitality: Asha Bala; Glenn & Lula Bolick; Arvil Freeman; Robert "Dick" Knight; and Tony Williamson. The Awards Ceremony will be held in Raleigh's Fletcher Theater as part of PineCone's Down Home Concerts.

The Grass Cats Say Farewell

After more than 20 years together, The Grass Cats will perform their final two concerts this month.

PineCone Youth Jam with Jef Walter & Tatiana Hargreaves

Calling all youth musicians - this is a great opportunity to learn to play music together! In addition to learning some techniques and skills specific to playing this month’s featured tune, participants jam together on a variety of other songs, too.

Facilitator Jef Walter typically leads a few songs to get the jam started, then goes around the circle to give particpants a chance to choose a song they’d like to play. Participants are also encouraged to bring a prepared song to sing and/or play with the group, but this is not required for participation.

A group of youth students sitting in a circle in a room at Marbles Kids Museum playing fiddles and guitars; facilitator Jef Walter stands to play his guitar in the circle with the students; a few parents and others look on from outside the circle of young musicians.

First Night Raleigh Traditional Stage: Amythyst Kiah; Cane Mill Road

Ring in the new year with PineCone at First Night Raleigh! The Traditional Stage will host two great bands again this year - Amythyst Kiah will perform sets at 7, 8, and 10 p.m.; and North Carolina's own Cane Mill Road will perform a special set at 9 p.m. We look forward to celebrating with you this year before the acorn drops us into 2018! Provocative and coolly fierce, Kiah’s ability to cross the boundaries of blues and old-time through reinterpretation is groundbreaking and simply unforgettable.

Thanks to Tharrington Smith for sponsoring the Traditional Stage at First Night Raleigh!

Tharrington Smith, Attorneys at Law; Est 1964

Musician Amythyst Kiah standing beside her guitar, resting her right wrist on the end of its neck. She wears a black hat, black vest, black shirt with an animal face on it, black jeans with silver chains hanging from a couple of her left belt loops. The setting is a weathered-looking room with a wooden floor; some furniture is visible in the background.


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