Scholarship Benefit Concert featuring Carolina Bluegrass Band

The Carolina Bluegrass Band, under the direction of Russell Johnson -- co-founder of Triangle-based bluegrass band The Grass Cats, and an award-winning singer, musician, and songwriter (and a longtime PineCone member!) -- will perform a fall concert on Nov. 30, and it will be a scholarship benefit for UNC-Chapel Hill.

Shape Note Sing Durham

In the shape note singing tradtion, singers sing a cappella (without accompaniment) and sit arranged by vocal part in a “hollow square,” facing one another across the square and taking turns at leading. No prior experience is necessary to participate in the Shape Note Sing - beginners and experienced singers are all welcome. The Shape Note Singers meet the second Sunday of each month in Durham and the fourth Sunday of each month in Raleigh.

Singers gathered together at the 2016 Sacred Harp Convention; men and women of various ages sit together around a square holding songbooks, and a man stands in the middle of the square leading the song.

Shape Note Sing Raleigh

Don't miss this free oppotunity to learn about this unique singing style right here in Raleigh. No prior experience is necessary to participate in the Shape Note Sing - beginners and experienced singers are all welcome. The chapel doesn't have an address, but if you Google 1091 Wake Forest Road, you will find it. There is free parking on both sides of Cedar St., as well as on Mordecai Dr. and Mimosa St. (And please note the start time - the sing starts at 1:50 p.m. to help accommodate the chapel's schedule.)

Men and women of various ages sit with books, some facing the camera, some in profile with their left shoulders toward the camera; singing together at the 2016 Sacred Harp Annual Convention in NC.

PineCone Youth Jam with Jef Walter & Courtney Andrews Clapp

Calling all youth musicians - this is a great opportunity to learn to play music together! In addition to learning some techniques and skills specific to playing this month’s featured tune, participants jam together on a variety of other songs, too.

Facilitator Jef Walter typically leads a few songs to get the jam started, then goes around the circle to give particpants a chance to choose a song they’d like to play. Participants are also encouraged to bring a prepared song to sing and/or play with the group, but this is not required for participation.

A group of female and male students sit in a circle in a room at Marbles Kids Museum playing fiddles and guitars; facilitator Jef Walter stands to play his guitar in the circle with the students; a few parents and others look on from outside the circle of young musicians.

PineCone Bluegrass Jam

We're thankful for music and the friendships, experiences, and sense of community that music helps to foster. The Monday after Thanksgiving, join in with friends old and new for the PineCone Bluegrass Jam at IMURJ in downtown Raleigh! This jam welcomes all musicians looking for opportunities to play bluegrass music and all fans who want to listen and share in the camaraderie.

Some musicians gathered in a circle at the PineCone Bluegrass Jam at Imurj in May 2017. Fiddle players, guitar players, a dobro player, mandolin players, and upright bass player share a tune.

Bluegrass/Americana/Old Time Jam

PineCone is teaming up with The Blue Note Grill to host a monthly bluegrass/Americana/old time jam in Durham! The Piedmont region of North Carolina has a vibrant and varied music scene, which the combined bluegrass/old time/Americana jam taps into. This jam will meet on the third Saturday of every month. There is plenty of space in case musicians want to break out into different groups over the course of the afternoon. We hope that this combined jam will also provide opportunities for musicians to learn about and explore the similarities between these overlapping styles.

Musicians gathered in a circle at The Blue Note Grill; most seated, but three area standing: a man playing bass, a woman playing fiddle, and a man playing guitar. The Blue Note Grill banner is on the wall behind the musicians.

PineCone Beginners Bluegrass Jam

The featured songs for this month are two classics: "Dark Hollow" (in the key of D), and "Oh Sinner Man" (in the key of A minor). Download chord sheets for "Dark Hollow" and "Oh Sinner Man"

Men and women of varying ages sit in a large circle on chairs or stools; Jef Walter stands with his bass. Two walls of guitars are visible behind the musicians, and there's a worn rug in the middle of the circle that the participants are seated around. Photo credit: Spencer Mobley

Orgullo y Alma Latina

Mexican culture is one of the strongest and most prominent cultural influences in the United States, and one part of this culture is the traditional folk dancing. Orgullo y Alma Latina was founded in 2008 as part of the efforts to involve new generations in participating in and educating about Mexican culture through folk dance, reflecting some of the rituals, culture, and traditions. Orgullo y Alma Latina is a traditional folk dance group, composed of a dedicated group of Hispanic dancers, giving them a sense of community and cultural pride, as well as allowing them to sha

Dancers standing outside in a semicircle wearing traditional, colorful Mexican folk dance outfits. The women wear long skirts that they hold out to show the colors, trim, and patterns. Some wear head scarves covering part of their hair, and others wear cloth flowers in their hair. Three men kneel in front of the women, two with their hats in front of them and wear dark slacks and decorated white button-down long sleeve shirts. A 3rd man kneels between 2 in white slacks, a short-sleeved purple shirt, and hat

First Friday featuring Carolina PineCones

Make PineCone part of your First Friday plan in November! The Carolina PineCones will provide live music during the event. They are planning on doing a lot of their rehearsed band material, but of course, they also love to have jam friends come and join! If any youth (or slightly older...) bluegrass jammers are coming to First Friday, bring your instrument and let them know if you'd like to join the band for a jam tune or two!

The Carolina PineCones stand side by side outdoors on a dirt road, with grass visible to either side of them and trees and a building visible in the background. Sam Stage (holding fiddle), Carter Ramquist (standing beside her bass), Jef Walter, Jessie Lang (with guitar), Aidan Buehler, Anthony DeCesaris (with banjo).

Rhiannon Giddens

Singer-songwriter Rhiannon Giddens is the co-founder of the GRAMMY award-winning string band Carolina Chocolate Drops, in which she also plays banjo and fiddle. In 2016, she earned the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass, and in 2017 she released Freedom Highway (follow-up to her acclaimed, GRAMMY-nominated solo album Tomorrow Is My Turn); had a recurring role on the CMT show Nashville; delivered a spellbinding keynote at the International Bluegrass Music Association business conference; and earned a MacArthur Genius Grant.

Broadway Series South logo

Rhiannon Giddens, wearing all black (slacks, top, and jacket) standing alone on a dirt road with a cloudy sky above and behind her and tall grasses on either side; a tree is also visible in the distance.


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