PineCone Youth Jam with Jef Walter & Hank Smith

At the February 2017 youth jam, facilitators Jef Walter and Hank Smith will teach the fiddle tune "Clinch Mountain Backstep," an instrumental written by banjo legend Ralph Stanley in the key of A.

This song uses the I (one) and V (five) chords; in the key of A, those chords are A and E. Jef will also have a chord chart for guitars/banjos, who may put a capo on the second fret (in which case, you'd play the G and D chord shapes). If you're not sure what these "chord numbers" mean exactly, no problem--that's one thing the facilitators will review at the jam.

Female and male students sit in a circle in a room at Marbles Kids Museum playing fiddles and guitars; facilitator Jef Walter stands to play his guitar in the circle with the students; a few parents and others look on from outside the circle of young musicians.

PineCone Bluegrass/Americana/Old Time Jam

The Piedmont region of North Carolina has a vibrant and varied music scene, which the combined bluegrass/old time/Americana jam taps into. This jam meets monthly, and Speakeasy has space in case musicians want to break out into different groups over the course of the evening. We hope that this combined jam will also provide opportunities for musicians to learn about the similarities between these overlapping styles.

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The Lang Sisters Band

The Lang Sisters Band of North Carolina features the award-winning sister duet of Chloe and Jessica Lang, who have immersed themselves in Appalachian, bluegrass and folk music, and they are excited to join forces with Sam Stage and Jef Walter for this performance. Well known throughout the thriving Triangle and Piedmont music scene, these musicians enjoy sharing their passion for this music with audiences of all ages. The Lang Sisters Band placed 2nd in the 2017 Got to Be NC Festival earlier this year! They were the only youth band in the competition in a field of 8 bands.

The Lang Sisters Band standing on the front porch steps outside a door of a house with a grey brick facade, with the words "THE LANG SISTERS BAND" above the door frame in red. Front left: Jessie Lang - a young woman holding a mandolin; back left: Jef Walter stands holding up his upright bass on his left side; back right: Sam Stage holds his fiddle; front right: Chloe Lang holds her guitar. All 4 are smiling.

Kamara Thomas & the Night Drivers

Kamara Thomas was recently featured in a Paste article titled "14 Artists Proving Black Americana is Real." Thomas writes musical tales culled from American songlines and dreamtimes. Her songwriting draws from a wide swath of classic country and rock -- echoes of Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, Emmylou Harris, and Tom Petty co-mingle with the folk sounds of spirituals, hymns, mountainsong and Lucinda Williams-esque originals.

Kamara Thomas headshot/promotional photo; she is seen from the shoulders up in a black top with the sun reflecting off her skin as she looks off to the right; bare tree limbs decorated with round purple ornaments are above her head, and out of focus trees are visible in the background.

Beginners Bluegrass Jam

The PineCone Bluegrass learning jam at Harry’s Guitar Shop on the third Wednesday of the month has been very popular, welcoming beginner musicians and people who want to learn basic jam etiquette before jumping into a traditional jam. This month's featured songs will be "Salt Creek" and "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" (download chord sheets for January 2017 learning jam)

Men and women of varying ages sit in a large circle on chairs or stools; Jef Walter stands with his bass. Two walls of guitars are visible behind the musicians, and there's a worn rug in the middle of the circle that the participants are seated around. Photo credit: Spencer Mobley

PineCone Bluegrass Jam

The Busy Bee Cafe is no more, but the PineCone Bluegrass Jam continues in the same location, now named Trophy Tap & Table! Come on by for music and camaraderie, and to try out the new menu in the Busy Bee's former location.

Musicians gathered in a circle at the Busy Bee Cafe - men and women of all ages sit in a circle playing guitars, banjos, fiddles, mandolins; the Busy Bee's Bar is along one wall, and the other brick wall has artwork hanging from it. Photo credit: Brainard Photo

PineCone Youth Jam with Jef Walter & Spencer Mobley

At the January youth jam, facilitators Jef Walter and Spencer Mobley will teach "Nine Pound Hammer," a bluegrass jam classic that's been played a few times before at PineCone jams and camps, but might be new to you. We'll try Nine Pound Hammer in the key of A, and you can also find chord charts for guitars/banjos who may put a capo on the second fret (to play out of "key of G" positions.) We also have a chord chart for Nine Pound Hammer in in the key of C, which may be a better fit for some singers with higher voices.

Students play guitars, mandolins, fiddles, banjo, and bass; most are seated around the room, though a young woman stands to play bass; facilitator Jef Walter stands and plays guitar.

Bluegrass/Americana/Old Time Jam

While this jam is typically on the second Monday of the month, for January, due to the college football national championship game, this month we'll be hosting the jam in Carrboro on the following Monday (Jan. 16). We appreciate the folks at the Speakeasy for being flexible and working to ensure that there will be ample, comfortable space - physically and acoustically - for this month's jam!

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NCCU Jazz Ensemble

It has been 40 years since the NC Central University became the first university in the state - public or private - to offer the Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Studies, initiated by jazz trumpet legend Donald Byrd. Today, the department supports 10 ensembles, in addition to offering a comprehensive vocal jazz component and the Master of Music degree in Jazz Composition and Jazz Performance. The NCCU Jazz Ensemble is the top big band of the University's two large ensembles.

African American and Caucasian students, male and female, all in matching red coats and dark slacks (and the men all in white shirts with collars and neckties). Front row musicians play saxophones; back row musicians play trombones.

A Singing Stream: Reunion, The Grandchildren Screening and Concert

PineCone is honored to partner with First Baptist Church to host members of the Landis family from Granville County to share their new film, A Singing Stream: Reunion, The Grandchildren, in a special screening in the Church's Family Life Center. The screening will be followed by a question and answer session with some of the family members who helped to produce the film, as well as a live gospel performance by The Singing Stream Mass Choir!

A collage of images of the Landis family - matriarch Bertha Landis; family members outside the family home in Creedmoor; image of the Golden Echoes from the 1960s; and more. Text: The Singing Stream (DVD video), The Life and Legacy of Mrs. Bertha Landis from Creedmoor, North Carolina. 100 years of African American history told through the songs and stories of one family.


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