PineCone Hires Community Programs Coordinator

Sara Schwartz joins PineCone as its first Community Programs Coordinator. She will oversee some of PineCone’s most exciting projects including facilitated jam sessions, workshops, youth camps and square dances.

Sara has a long history with community-based music organizations. She’s worked with Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival, Festival for the Eno and at Sugar Hill Records. In recent years she also worked with PineCone as a Stage Manager at the Bluegrass Festival.

“Folks will say it can be dangerous to make your passion your work, but I have a hard time imagining doing it any other way,” says Sara. “One of my favorite things to do is to stand in a crowd and notice people loving the music, appreciating the gift that they are getting but also sharing in. The music of North Carolina is part of me, and I always look forward to learning from it, the old and the new.”

Welcome Sara!