Mickey Galyean and Cullen's Bridge

Mickey Galyean and Cullen's Bridge play music born deep in the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. A large part of it passed directly from Cullen Galyean to his son Mickey, and the band is named in his honor. Cullen was one of those rare, exceptional talents - he could play any instrument he picked up; sing a song and make you feel every word; and he wrote some of the best mountain style bluegrass songs you will ever hear. Cullen's songs have been covered by the super traditional group Longview, and the legendary James King has long pulled songs from Cullen's catalog. And of course, his son's band still plays many of his tunes today as well.

Cullen's Bridge has a healthy respect for the traditional bluegrass sound. Along with Cullen's songs, their shows include a helping of Stanley Brothers, Big Mon (Bill Monroe), and more of "your Daddy's bluegrass." They also pull songs from the classic Country Gentlemen repertoire, and they include many original songs in their sets as well.

The vocals of Brad Hiatt (bass) and Rick Pardue (banjo) are a perfect match for the clear and powerful voice of Mickey Galyean (guitar). They have stumbled onto one of the most powerful trios in bluegrass. Super fiddler Billy Hawks lays the fiddle right in there like you want it. What you get from Cullen's Bridge is fiddle and banjo playing the melody on top of a firm foundation layed down by a powerful rhythm guitar and a pounding bass. This is hardcore, veteran, in-your-face, traditional bluegrass.

Their first CD, Rollin' with Tradition, was highlighted in Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine, which wrote: "Mickey Galyean & Cullen’s Bridge’s Rollin’ With Tradition can only be recommended to those who enjoy solid picking, no-nonsense arrangements of strong songs new and old, and good, unpretentious singing."

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