United Arts Council of Raleigh & Wake County

Community Center

As a private nonprofit, United Arts has worked for more than 25 years to build a better Raleigh and Wake County through support of and advocacy for the arts.

To do this, they provide various programs and services in addition to partnering with businesses, individuals, foundations and the government to raise funds and distribute grants to schools, arts organizations, and local artists.

These funds bring life-changing arts education to our schools and municipalities. They provide artists with resources and opportunities to share their work, and teachers with innovative training. These programs and services help inspire our children and community to succeed.

United Arts is committed to developing the organizations, artists and initiatives that make an impact on our community.

Because, together, we create change.

410 Glenwood Ave, Ste 170 Raleigh NC 27603
The office entrance and parking lot are on Tucker Street, which crosses Glenwood Avenue.
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