Logie Meachum

Logie Meachum is a Greensboro, NC native and a graduate of Carolina and Virginia institutions. He graduated with honors from NC A&T State University and from Virginia Polytechnic and State University. During the early '80s, Meachum and friends created what is now known as The Piedmont Blues Preservation Society. At the same time, Meachum left his job as a fireman and returned to school at A&T, where he majored in technical theater with a concentration in Lighting and Design. After graduating with honors, Meachum took a job as a technician at Harrah's Broadway By The Bay Casino, where he worked with such luminaries as Sammy Davis Jr., Tony Bennett, Roberta Flack, The McGuire Sisters, Bill Cosby, and a host of others. Meachum returned to North Carolina just to hop in an automobile and travel the country for six years performing literature and poetry for children in schools with renowned Carolina educators, Poetry Alive! It is through this association that Meachum's involvement and dedication to children in schools was developed and reinforced. His 30-year committment to children as an educator and consulatnt was rewarded in 1999 and 2000 respectively when he received the O'Henry Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Arts, and the Greensboro Public Library's Literary Laurel Award for contributions to literature in the city.

As a blues performer down through the years, Meachum has performed on stages across the country and overseas. Through it all, when Saturday night turned to Sunday morning, Meachum has invited untold numbers of individuals on both sides of the ocean to stop for a minute and recognize the goodness God has given this mean old world. Meachum always ask folks, even with tequila and Corona in hand, to participate in what he called The Second Greater Recreationalist Congregation. Meachum often jokes that, "People don't know what to do when they are standing in the middle of a honky tonk and you start singing, 'Come on in the room, Jesus is my Dr. and he writes all of my prescription, said he brings me all of my medicine in my room.'" He was convinced one night when an old friend, grieving at his father's death, said to him, "You'll never know how much good singing, "Will the Circle be Unbroken" did my heart brother." Since then, the invitation has been extended to all. Most of these folks gave up going to church years ago but are now proud and active members of The Second Greater Recreationalist Congregation. You are welcome too.

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