These fun, friendly jams will continue to include some skill building, and will also provide opportunities for young musicians to meet each other, make new friends and learn about bluegrass jamming. Songs will be determined depending on the skill levels of the students who come to the event. More experienced music students may want to call a tune or lead a song. The emphasis for these jams is to play together which means that simple 3 or 4 chord tunes are preferable. More advanced (and brave!) players will often step up for solos or to sing lead.


What do we play and sing at Youth Jams?

If you know the chords to one or more of the following tunes you'll likely have fun sitting in on a PineCone Youth Jam.

  • Angeline the Baker (D)
  • Arkansas Traveler (D)
  • Soldiers Joy (D)
  • Whiskey Before Breakfast (D)
  • Liberty (D)
  • Old Joe Clark (A)
  • Cripple Creek (A)
  • Salt Creek (A)
  • Cherokee Shuffle (A)
  • Blackberry Blossom (G)
  • Billy in the Lowground (C)

  • Bury Me Beneath the Willow
  • Nine Pound Hammer
  • Long Journey Home
  • I'll Fly Away
  • My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains
  • In the Pines